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Catering Dessert Platter

You will be the talk of the town once your guests enjoy one of our catering dessert platters. They will note how delicious each bite tastes without realising how nutritious a dessert is. Learn why our clients repeatedly return to us whenever they plan an event.

The Best Dessert Catering Around Adelaide


The most challenging part of choosing one of our catering platters in Adelaide is deciding how to include each one of the mouth-watering desserts. Learn why we stand out from the competition when you are looking for exceptional taste with tremendous nutritional benefits included. 


  • We sweeten each slice of our cakes with coconut nectar, Medjool dates, coconut sugar or brown rice syrup. We take enormous care to balance the finished product with nutritional value without compromising taste. You’ll understand when you take your first bite. 

  • Each dessert offered on our catering menu is gluten-, dairy-, or soy-free. You can choose your sweetener for each goodie, but we don’t include refined sugar or fructose in our offerings. The platters can be full of nuts or free of all nut products. The advantage is that you can choose the best for your next event. 

  • Our platters include a variety of guilt-free slices, cakes, and nutritionally baked goods. Fruits, nuts, and edible flowers can adorn each platter. Our variety of protein balls in Adelaide makes it impossible to choose one over another. Decisions over chocolate hazelnut, peanut butter caramel, or lime and macadamia protein bars are challenging. You will delight in the choices with even more to choose from.


Why Choose RAW Earth Dessert for Your Next Event

We are a company dedicated to nutrition, health, and fitness. When you choose us for your event, you tell your friends, cohorts, or family that you value them. Rather than showering guests with desserts loaded with sugar and fat, we provide an alternative. We design our desserts so that they provide the nourishment for a balanced and energetic life. You won’t regret having us as your partner for your next celebration.

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