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Danni's life and vision has always evolved around nutrition, health and fitness.

Danni preaches living a nutritious wholesome life, making the most of every day with the most important people in our lives.


What started out as a local market stall of 'healthy treats' back in 2015, has rapidly grown to servicing 50+ wholesale customers, delivering South Australian wide from our commercial Kitchen in Port Adelaide.    

Now add Twins!.... 2019 brought 2 gorgeous souls into our lives, Aria & Elijah. Talk about a life-changing moment haha. Our beautiful children are living their best plant based lives! Learning the importance of good nutrition, health and fitness from a very young age (this is so important!! we all know how hard those not so good 'habits' are to change later in life)

We are faced with so many issues in today's society, health being one of them. A major topic so many battle with mentally & physically every day, and unfortunately this is now becoming more evident in younger children. Our society is so hot on social media, FAST processed foods, body image etc. and boy does marketing do an excellent job in making this easily available for our children. It scares the crap out of me for sure.

As parents we must set the grounding for our children.  

I do not believe in diet labels. Simply consume pure nutritious whole foods that nourish and provide adequate energy for a balanced energetic fit and healthy life.

Practice and preach YOUR way of life <3

All of RAW Earth Dessert's products are designed to reflect this!

My family, training and delicious desserts are my life.

I preach it, live it, I love it and you will too :)

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