RAW Vegan 'Mixed Berry Lemon' 'Cheese' Cake
All natural sweetened with Brown Rice Syrup please advise for an alternative
$95 Large 16 Slices/ $85 12 Slice

Mixed Berry Lemon

  • RAW Earth Dessert products are made in a commercial kitchen and are all free from;

    Animal Products
    Refined Sugars
    Processed & Artificial flavours
    Unhealthy Oils & Fats

    While we do our absolute best to ensure products are seperated and uncontaminated from each other, there is always the possibility of cross contamination with nuts/ sweeteners etc.

    *Nut free products have a small chance of cross contamination with nut based goods*


    RAW Earth Dessert products we are unable to refund or return goods due to the nature of the products.

    It is up to you as our customer to take responsibility for proper storage and care. 

    *If any goods are seen to be incorrectly produced or have manufacturing issues you must contact our staff within 24hours of receiving your goods for proper action to be taken*